S.K.I.N. 02


YOSHIKI, the leader and drummer of S.K.I.N. on piano,
and another 3 members of the band - Miyavi on guitar/shamisen,
Gackt as the vocalist/piano, and Sugizo on guitar/violin.

They have yet to find an official bassist.
But I really prefer the band without one because...
no one can live in their standards as the SuperBand. ^___^

S.K.I.N. is the start of a new REVOLUTION!

S.K.I.N. 01

Gackt & Miyavi @ AX'07
debut Live


I found this pic somewhere on the net.
The name's Chunkee.
Say hello to Chunkee.

5nin KAT-TUN

5 members of KAT-TUN in New York when Akanishi Jin was in hiatus.
From left - Taguchi, Nakamaru, Tanaka, Ueda, Kamenashi.