Happy Birthday Malaysia

Dear my beloved Malaysia.
I'm very proud to be born in here.
I'm very proud that I'm living in you.
The land of Harmony and Peace.

Wahai Malaysia-ku yang disayangi.
Hidup matiku biarlah di sini.
Hatiku setia mengabdikan diri.
Beserta tangisan dan darah yang mengalir.

You have so many races and ethnics,
All kinds of religions and faces of friendships.
A mixture of Chinese, Malays and Indians.
And as well the Sarawakians and Sabahans.

I Love You.
Such simple words but powerful.
And no more could I convey my chaos of feelings.
To a place that no where else could be found.

I have sadness,
I have downfalls,
I have regrets,
But I still have You, My-Malaysia.

All of my memories...
The wonderful journeys
The joy and the pain
The streak of emotions..

Are all in here..
A place where I grew up in.

I know..,
I have yet to contribute anything in this life.
For my country's worth.
For the safety of our nation's future.

But as long that I am alive.
I will move on forward.
I will keep on trying.
And will never give up.

As the desire to be a useful person for You has never died,
With as much power that I could gain,
I want to help You to be a better country,
Worth the fight of others in every industry.

You have all kinds of fruits and foods.
Variety of delicious enjoyable cuisines.
With all sorts of tastes and looks.
That anyone from everywhere in this world could love.

The Orangutans came from here.
The Durians also came from here.
And even Tattoos are originally came from here.
And they are spreaded out to the whole wide world.

You once had the tallest building in the world,
but now still, it remains as the world tallest twin towers.
You have many of the best singers in Asia, vocally.
And You're carying the pride and hopes of our nation.

You have most of the marvellous things in the world.
How I am so proud of you.
That I can't ask for more.

You are one of a kind, Malaysia-ku.
Happy 50th Birthday.
Happy 50th Anniversary.
And stay peaceful by hundreds of years more to come.

I Love You!
Merdeka~! Merdeka~! Merdeka~!

Uniza iciviuja.