I Wonder Why

I'm a dreamer
I've been dreaming the whole of my life
But I haven't got anything good back in return
I wonder why.

I've gave as much I could in this life
But I'm still stuck here
With nothing in both of my hands
I wonder why.

I have rich imaginations
A pleasant view from my sorrowed heart
But a sudden struck of reality always turned it to dust
I wonder why.

I've created my own way of life
A path that be chosen by my own will
But the end of the road brings me back to my past
I wonder why.

I've always tried to reach high in everything that I do
And I always got the chance to grab them all
But only for a moment and the time slips fast
I wonder why.

My fate is cruel
And I've tried my hardest to make it better
But God failed me
I wonder why.

They said that destiny can be changed
I've tried to change mine
But life failed me
I wonder why.

I don't know why I'm like this
I don't know what am I paying for
But I continue living this dreadful life
I wonder why.

Life is full of mysteries, they say
And pain always has reasons behind it
I still can't figure out why but I endure it
I wonder why.

Silent screams pinned me in melancholic reality
Lies are such desirable pleasures because truth hurts
Though I refused to use them for my own need
I wonder why.

Tears never know how to stop dripping
And revenge chained my soul
But I still keep everything inside
I wonder why.

I don't bother anyone with my world
I only showed them what I felt through my words
Silently gritting everything away
I wonder why.

I can't find the meaning of my life
I don't know how am I useful for my existency
But I'm still searching for it even for so long now
I wonder why.

I'm tired of it all
The life, the fates and destiny
But I'm still alive
I wonder why.