Hamasaki Ayumi

Hamasaki Ayumi, The JPOP Queen.
I like her songs a lot but only the rock ones,
I don't listen to her more pop songs especially the Techno/Disco type.
That kind of Remixes just don't suit my soul.
The sounds annoy me.
But I like her.
A lot.

6nin KAT-TUN

All 6 of KAT-TUN
Left Standing : Nakamaru Yuichi
Left Sitting : Tanaka Koki
Center Sitting Top : Akanishi Jin
Middle Sitting Ground : Ueda Tatsuya
Right Sitting : Kamenashi Kazuya
Right Standing :
Taguchi Junnosuke


a Korean singer
very popular in Japan
speak fluently in Korean + Japanese
better English nowadays, and maybe even Chinese