Super Junior - MTVAsia Awards 2008

Just finished watching MTV Asia Awards 2008!
Super Junior was Super Hot! (But there was only 11 of them)
Gah! I still can't believe that I couldn't go when they were coming here in my country.
I was ready to go since about 2 months ago but I still couldn't go in the end.
That really sucks!
I like the whole of their performance.
The ballad rendition was Super Cool... (Donghae, Yesung, Sungmin, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Eunhyuk)
Then the dance number. gah! extremely HOT!
But i didn't like it when Leeteuk suddenly opened his bottom half shirt and showed off his perfect tummy.
Well it was sexy of course, for a fan like me.. but it's just not a place for him to do so.
But Leeteuk was with the best face because he was smiling all the time regardless anything.
I was really hoping to see Heechul smile but he didn't. I really didn't expect him to be so sour-faced. And most of them were like that. Maybe something happened backstage or before but still, quite a disappointment. But I believe it was because they were really tired. I know how tight they're schedule is. I've heard about it before. Read them somewhere. And just by reading I already know how tiresome it'll be.
But anyway, they won the award for Favourite Artiste Korea but it's expected. Every year is the same, so far. Whoever that comes will perform and get the award. It was the first award given. I was quite shock. Leeteuk gave out the normal opening/closing for Super Junior. And Siwon gave quite a long speech. Stumbled a few words but now I believe that he can actually speak English. He wasn't that bad really. but Kibum was no where to be seen. And Hankyung, too. I really thought that Kibum will be the one with the speech. But knowing him and his heavy mouth.. lol. maybe even if he was there, Siwon would still be the one who do the talking. hheh.
And there'll be repeats until August 24th.. So it'll be all Super Junior this month for me.

Anyway I really hope that I could download the performance somewhere. Have yet to find any. No Veoh anymore here. not even by VeohTV no more. So will see, and hunt, wherever I could download the performances. Hopefully there'll be somewhere around.

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n d s v n t h said...

Hey there
I'm a Malaysian, a fan of suju

and oh yes,
I know you really need this.


It's my blog and I post the link to download it.

Hope you happy with this :)