HyunJoong, Andy in Love Letter.

I'm watching old episodes of Love Letter in PPLive and there's this one episode with both HyunJoong and Andy in. There's even a scene where they were holding up to each other's shoulders and do a funny dance together.. ^__^ It's really fun watching the show.. and it's really good to know that they've been in a variety show together having fun before the "We Got Married" phase. There was episodes with Super Junior members like Siwon and Heechul, and also other Shinhwa members like Hyesung and JunJin. Actually I'm hoping to watch X-man, too, (the kind that has all episodes running nonstop) but couldn't find it anywhere.. If anyone knows please let me know.^^

Edit: (9:25AM) an episode with TVXQ Micky+U-Know plus HwangBo^^. And what's funny is that, both Yunho and Yoochun were interested in HwangBo. Yoochun even picked HwangBo to dance with him
in the first segment. (Remember that both of them are in the same age as HyunJoong? Especially Micky who's only older by two days from the "walking sculpture". So it's like HwangBo always like that kind of guy and that kind of guy came to her. lol I know I'm overthinking...but whatever. anyway...) In second segment, Yunho picked her for a hug after he succeed a task (to kick a ball on air). Then when it comes to Micky's turn, he failed at first. So he was punished to say 5 ways of "saranghae". Then he got to do it the second time and succeed. He too chose HwangBo and she hugged him. (The chosen girl had to do what the guys asked so however that she hugged them was requested by them personally). But the task continued rounds after rounds and both lost. Micky was kicking the ball at 3m50cm the highest and Yunho's at 3m40cm high. Third segment, came HwangBo's turn, a task that she needed to do by blowing the candle with the wind from a cape, but if fails she had to blow them by nose. All the guys were interested in her and Yunho even did the 'fighting' dance for her before the task to encourage her. And after she succeed, she chose Yunho and had to carry him on her back to ring a bell. Fourth segment is to find a partner/couple. Micky was interested in the first lady, so he went up to her. And when she threw the rose, if he really wanted to be her partner he had to catch it. And this is the funniest part, when Yoochun was about to catch the rose, HwangBo who were very jealous about it came running suddenly and pushed him to the side. LOL! You have to see this one. So he didn't get the rose and couldn't be the girl's partner. ...and part one finished. I'm still waiting for the second part but it seems like it's not up for now.. They're showing a different episode with Andy, JunJin and Hyesung. It's a countdown for best scenes I think.. And I need to sleep. -_-* I'm going to wait for another hour or so, which is until 12PM, and if it's still not around then I'm going to sleep. I've been working the whole night in front of this screen while watching the show, so now I'm really really tired haha!^^ And if I sleep, most probably I wouldn't be able to watch the continuation.. sigh! After all the times watching and not knowing the end of it.. -_-*

Edit: HAHAHA! you know what I went to Youtube and search for the vids and I got this!

[cuts of Yunho and Yoochun, as well as HwangBo and the continuation+ending to it]
eventhough it's not full but you'll get the picture of what I wrote. Plus it's subtitled!^^

Edit: (11:25AM) The continuation starts! ^__^ (i cannot sleep anymore! lol)


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